eISBN: 9781603136754

No Deal

by Christy Poff

Alicia lived with a man who used her to further his legitimate financial climb in the corporate world. Every day she hated him more. Blake spent a cool million to get to know her for one evening. Will their love grow into a win/win result? Or will it be no deal? Genre: Erotic Romance/Suspense/Thriller Rating: Erotica (Contains adult content, language, and graphic sex)

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About the author Christy Poff

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep...

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