eISBN: 9781611601848

Sin's City

by Angela Castle

Sin, Moon God of ancient Sumeria, is accustomed to having women fall at his feet, until he meets the curious, lush, Eve Gardner, in the back lot of his Moon Temple Casino in Las Vegas.

Eve’s clumsiness has cost her another job, one which she needs to support her ill grandmother, so Sin offers her a new one, to keep her close. But Sin is not the only one captivated by Eve. Kane Sullivan, Sin’s right hand man, also wants her. A healthy rivalry develops between the men as they both fight to win her heart.

Just as Sin and Kane realize neither can be without Eve and agree to work together to keep her, dark forces seek to capture Eve and use her hidden secrets. Secrets which threaten Sin’s power over all of mankind.

When Eve’s life and soul are torn from them, Sin and Kane travel to the depths of the underworld to bring her back where she belongs.

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