eISBN: 9781611604061

Moonlight Captivation

by Angela Castle

Uncontrolled passion ignites when Neman, an ex-Sumerian Moon god turned hunter, rescues a drunken woman from being killed by a demon. Not long afterward Vanessa finds herself pregnant, with little clue as to who the father is. Then a drop-dead-sexy man turns up on her doorstep claiming to be her baby’s father—and a god.
Neman realizes the woman he couldn’t resist, and impregnated, is part of a six thousand year old prophecy. But now, every demon ruler from hell wants Vanessa and the baby dead.
During an action packed ride, Neman must bring the prophecy to pass, and protect Vanessa. The woman gets under his skin and into his heart. She gives him a new sense of purpose, one to replace his revenge-filled, demon hunting existence.

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