eISBN: 9781611607055

The Secret Is Out

by Susan Rogers

Sexy and confident in all areas of her life, a Professor leaves her teaching job at the local University because someone has released a very personal, naughty video of her on the web. Hurt and humiliated, she resigns. While she’s at home packing, her work friends stop by. Over wine, they admit to their own not-so-little, naughty, hot secrets.

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About the author Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers is a sensual, passionate, chocolate- and life-loving woman, who lives in a remote town in the wilderness of Tasmania. She shares her life with her devoted husband and five children to whom she is wife, lover, confidant, mother, chef, cleaner, farm hand, tutor, dance instructor (not so great at that one) sequin sewer, sports coach, camp organizer, entertainment director, bag packer, dog handler, and friend. They all live...

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