eISBN: 9781611607314

Erotic Flights of Fantasy

by Melanie Thompson

Erotic Flights of Fantasy takes you on an erotic safari through different times, different places and alternate realities. Elves, vampires and crazed inventors fill stories set in the past and the future, with sexual adventures of every kind. Sit back and be prepared to be amused and aroused by these sexy little bites. Each story is complete in itself and sure to titillate your fancy.

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About the author Melanie Thompson

I was born In British Columbia, Canada and I'm the oldest of five children. I now reside in Bothell, Washington with my three children. I have always had a story in me and with the guidance of my wonderful mother together we wrote The Secret, Shifter and The Sex Slave Shanghai and many more stories. I manage a restaurant by day and write every chance I have. I love Urban...

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