eISBN: 9781611607598

Romancing A Stranger

by Shady Grace

She’s unbreakable…until he kisses her.

Either Milli Bishop is drunk out of her mind, or she seriously just woke up one-hundred years in the past. One minute she’s gazing at an amethyst ball; the next she's fainting in the arms of a stranger…who claims to be her husband. Can she find her way back to the future, or will the taste of a real gentleman be too irresistible to escape?

He’s lonely…until the missus wakes up.

Warden Blackwood is confused by the sudden change in his estranged wife and believes she’s cut a path out of her head. Once frigid and indifferent, she’s suddenly arousing him with her scandalous seduction and shocking language. Should he continue his pursuit of a mistress amidst his loveless marriage, or learn to tame his wayward wife?

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