eISBN: 9781611607741

Timeless Witch

by C L Scholey

Being a ‘timeless witch’ means Sophia never knows into what era she will be reborn.
A previous encounter with her nemesis, Alistair, on a past All Hallows Eve, left her dead, her child unborn and her endless lover, Randar, floating in limbo, awaiting Sophia’s rebirth.
Sophia vows she will make it right. However, in order to do so, she must dispose of Alistair and claim her lover. Unfortunately, she never knows what form the Gods will choose to hide her lover in, until the night before All Hollow’s Eve.
The Keeper of Halloween has demanded a truce of good and evil for one day of the year. How can she to do battle, kill Alistair and still appease the Keeper?
Sophia hasn’t lived for thousands of years for nothing! She hasn’t loved Randar for ten thousand years, only to lose him to a vile serpent. This time, she plans to be victorious!

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