eISBN: 9781633556638

Ruined Kingdom

by Michelle Marquis & Lindsey Bayer

The intrepid Gypsy Theron never seems to catch a break.

As the Empire struggles economically in the aftermath of Serillian Fever, Gypsy has a whole new host of problems. Rumor has it that the emperor Megolyth is gunning for her father for letting Commander Caraculla escape execution. Worse still, her soul-mate Commander Kharon is furious over Caraculla’s escape too and their relationship is suffering. Will this mark the end of their unique telepathic bond? Gypsy sure hopes not. But in the face of so much mayhem, what’s a female warrior to do?

Why, take a new lover, of course. And what about her husband, Kharon? Gypsy knows he won’t mind. He likes to watch.

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