Release Date: July 3, 2016
ISBN: 9781681461335

Waiting and Watching

by Darcy Darvill

In 1964, Connie and Julio Harriman’s parents were brutally murdered, and the only suspect the police ever had was Connie’s popular boyfriend at the time, Andrew Leader, who left town after the incident. Tilden Park, a conservative suburb of Cincinnati, was full of bigotry, so it seemed that her black boyfriend was the obvious suspect.

But the Harriman’s murder was never solved.

Twenty-two years later, Connie is back in Tilden Park with her brother. Under the guise of returning for her high school reunion, her real mission is to face her past, with a renewed determination to discover answers to the questions that still grip her life and won't let go…who killed her parents?

The case is cold, but mysterious things start happening around Connie and Julio, when they begin to piece together the puzzle surrounding the murder.

To make things even more complicated, Andrew shows up for the reunion, and old feelings that Connie thought were long gone bubble to the surface. Can things get any worse?

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