Release Date: July 2, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-68146-134-2


by Elaine Robinson

Sixteen-year-old Glendora Stamford was raised by her older brother, Thomas, after their parents died of a fever that raged through their village in Northern Wales. He adored and spoiled her.

But now, the only world she knows is turned upside down when her brother receives a letter from America and suddenly announces that they are relocating there. On their journey from Wales to the English coast, to board a ship to America, Glendora discovers there is another world filled with excitement, and romance. She also experiences heartache when she is forced to remain behind. While her brother sails without her.

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About the author Elaine Robinson

Elaine Robinson was born in Texas but now lives in Louisiana with her husband of 57 years. She earned a degree in English when she was 50 and published her first novel at 75. She is published in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma newspapers and several magazines. After 30 years of service with one of Louisiana’s five education management boards she devotes her time to family but says, “Writing keeps me...

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