Release Date: July 1, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-68146-480-0

Time After Time

by David Hough

In medieval Ireland, Aoife Magee is caught between loyalty to her Irish tribe and loyalty to her Viking lover. If she sticks with her tribe, her lover will die. If she stands by her lover, they will both die. Can she find a way to save their lives?

Or will she be forced to tackle the problem all over again in a later reincarnation?

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About the author David Hough

David Hough was born in Cornwall, England, a distant relative of the historian, Dr. A L Rowse. However, because of his father’s work, he lived in the Georgian City of Bath from the age of two. To some extent his love of books was fostered by a competent English teacher at his secondary school, which was housed in a Georgian edifice called Weymouth House. That building was a piece of...

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