Release Date: September 3, 2016
eISBN: 9781682991954

Comanche Passion

by Ralph Galeano

High adventure and hair-raising exploits intertwine in a sensual, inter-racial love affair on the western frontier.

Soon after the Indian wars, two young cowboys become prisoners of Comanche horsemen. Violence occurs in the village when Ben goes to his friend Stick’s defense, and whips a ferocious warrior. Shamed, the warrior, Black Heart, swears vengeance. A beautiful Indian princess tends to Stick’s injuries, and when Ben’s and the Princess’ eyes meet, they know instantly they have met the person of their dreams.

When the cowboys are freed, Ben promises Elizabeth he will return for her when he’s settled. Black Heart hears of Ben’s vow, and in a jealous rage goes on a murderous rampage.

Meanwhile, Ben and Stick pan for gold in the Wyoming Mountains and find enough to purchase a ranch, but beneath their feet a treasure worth millions eludes them.

Black Heart returns and abducts Elizabeth, and a deadly battle occurs that changes the course of the relationship between Elizabeth and Ben.

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