Release Date: October 1, 2016
eISBN: 9781682992067

A Cold Fine Evil

by A.C. Alexander

There is evil in the woods and a legacy continues…

When Jon Palmer heads back home to Black Lake, he finds that the memories from his childhood still exist. The dark past lurks and he’s tied to it, heart and soul.
Alicia Hahn knows the devil when she sees him. Jon Palmer shows up, and people start dying. It’s either cause and effect, or else he’s the problem. He rolls into town and suddenly a young woman is missing. Alicia has always been under his spell, but doesn’t know what to think. Is he the golden boy of her teen years? Or is he part of the surge of new murders in a place that has already seen more than its share of tragedy?
As a dark cloud hovers over the small Minnesota town, and shadows gather in the woods, the question is whether—before the ice starts to thicken on the lakes—pure evil will win the game…

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