The Virgin Vampire

by Melanie Thompson

The Virgin Vampire leads you on an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with adventure and love.

Chan Balum is an ancient vampire, made when the Mayans ruled Guatemala. In 600 CE, he was a priest who sacrificed men to his pagan gods. Determined to find the perfect sacrifice, one that will bring the gods back to Tikal, and his power back to him, he is in Seattle hunting for that perfect sacrifice. Each victim is tried and each one fails the test.

Then one night, he meets Targ Erikson. The tall blonde Norseman seems like a perfect sacrifice. He glamours him, takes him back to his home and seduces him. Then he turns Erikson into a vampire.

Enrique Valdavar, called Rickie, is a shifter, and gay. He falls in love with Erickson who can’t accept he’s a vampire, or that he’s fallen in love with a man.

Will Targ Erickson ever be able to accept his new identity as a gay vampire in love with a shifter?

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About the author Melanie Thompson

I was born In British Columbia, Canada and I'm the oldest of five children. I now reside in Bothell, Washington with my three children. I have always had a story in me and with the guidance of my wonderful mother together we wrote The Secret, Shifter and The Sex Slave Shanghai and many more stories. I manage a restaurant by day and write every chance I have. I love Urban...

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