Release Date: December 1, 2016
eISBN: 9781682992135

The Strawberry Field

by Barbara Jean Ruther

The Strawberry Field, the story of two sisters: Beth, projecting warmth and caring, a luminous smile; and Alyssa, wickedly mean, rumored to practice sadomasochism.

Beth’s husband, Raymond, sees himself as the suave, ultimate, sexually desired specimen. Alyssa craftily lures him into her web of dark, secretive habits. They have no interest in satisfying a partner in their selfish sexual matches, only an exploitative behavior to use each other for their own excitement and gratification.

Raymond contrives to have Beth sign her power of attorney over to him, gives her an entire prescription of antidepressants, and plots to take control of her inheritance. Beth is taken to a private clinic to recuperate.

Beth meets the handsome psychiatrist, Dr. Mitchell Matthews. Is this where Beth will find the beginning of a new life?

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About the author Barbara Jean Ruther

Barbara Jean Ruther was a corporate speaker and writer for Trans World Airlines. She wrote destination travel programs and gave presentations and seminars to travel groups. She has lived in New York and Chicago and is now back home, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Barbara is the author of the novel/love story, Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket, and Dirt Roads and Places They Take You - Poetry and Memoirs, which...

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