Release Date: January 4, 2017
eISBN: 978-1-68299-216-6

Empty Chaos

by Jessica Cotter

Bodhi disappeared almost eighteen months ago. Eri has a new house and a new job, but she still can’t accept that he is gone. Her memories grow dim, however, and new friends make her mundane life almost comfortable. Then one day, while working as a food packager, she sees the secret symbol she and Bodhi shared drawn on a muddy delivery truck. He is alive.
After enlisting the help of Ben, a mysterious deliveryman who also knows Bodhi, Eri sneaks into the darkness of night. Finding Bodhi, though, means learning the truth about the world they live in. To face the truth, Eri must choose who to save and who to hurt. She never wanted to save the world, or start a revolution. But sometimes, to be with the one you love, you have to risk everything, even if it means losing yourself in the process.

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