Release Date: February 2, 2017
eISBN: 9781682992227


by Emma Wildes

He’s returned from the dead...and he wants her back.

Jack Templeton was dead. Or so everyone thought. Red-carpet welcome aside, he knows returning from a highly secret year-long mission won’t be easy. He’s even prepared for the possibility that his girlfriend, whose face carried him through the hellish months alone, has moved on. But he never expected she’d move into the arms of his best friend.
Nicole is beside herself with joy to learn that Jack is alive, but there’s a small complication. Actually a huge one, and his name is Eric Janssen. Now her tangled feelings are stretching her heart to the breaking point.
Eric has always been sure of what he wants, but now he’s off balance, on shaky emotional ground. He’s relieved his best friend is home...but he loves Nicole. And he’s not about to just hand her over.
There’s only one way to hash this out. And the battleground is about to move from the boardroom to the bedroom...
Warning: multiple sexy heroes, a heroine who seems demure but really isn’t, light bondage and mild violence.

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