Release Date: June 5, 2017

With a Tilt of My Hat

by M. Matuskey

Steven’s soul projects through his guitar, as vibes of music take him to another era. Fingers strum the strings; he’s barely noticeable beneath the tilted fedora. A jazz musician and composer, the heartfelt young man embraces life. Until he is abducted by some men, and horrific acts of violence are forced upon him.

Darkness torments Steven; he leaves home and journeys the coastal route to Oregon, hoping to regain peace, and the realm of music.

Kari feels sensual when she hears his music, and sits next to him on the beach.

Electrified by her touch, Steven falls in love. He is still haunted by darkness, but euphoric with Kari’s sensual love. This intenseness enhances his music, and soon he and two other musicians create VitalWinds.

But blood has splattered, as murders intertwine along the same route Steven has followed.

Love, music, passion—and blood—pool, when Steven’s haunted realities face each other.

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