Release Date: October 5, 2017
eISBN: 9781682992623

Twin Paradox: Book One

by Purple Hazel

As part of a bizarre government experiment, scientists locate three sets of ten-year-old identical twins, all orphans. The twins are then separated, with one from each pair sent int o space, as part of a mission to visit a distant star system 13 light years away.

For the next 14 years, their vessel hurtles through space toward its destination. They go through puberty, then eventually develop into young adults. Meanwhile, many of the crew, all in their twenties or early thirties at the time of takeoff, succumb to the boredom—and the temptations—of substance abuse and sexual promiscuity.

Yet through it all, two of the twins fall in love, and their bond becomes an inspiration to those on board.

This is the first book of the Twin Paradox Trilogy, from author Purple Hazel.

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About the author Purple Hazel

Purple Hazel… …is King and Caroline Medlin from Denver, Colorado. Purple is Caroline's favorite color. Hazel is the color of her eyes. They fell in love, and King started writing short stories to Caroline while they were dating. Eventually, the stories got better and better, so they started writing full length novels. Starting with Star Kitten in the fall of 2015, they have written four books including Wild Fields (2015), Morgana's Handmaid (2016),...

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