Release Date: March 2, 2018
eISBN: 9781682992760

Burn . . . Erotica, Volume 2

by Jade Stone

More sizzling steaminess from the author of the Burn…Erotica series.

Volume 2 brings to you 10 more steamy explicit stories that will leave you breathless.

~ A housewife prepares a meal in anticipation for her husband’s arrival home. And things start to get very hot in the kitchen.

~ After Nicole meets her stunning new surgeon in the hospital, she soon gets under more than just his scalpel.

~ Natasha is wined and dined by a gorgeous new suiter on her 25th birthday. But, he is also her former best friend’s father. How far is she willing to go…

~ Tamara can feel sparks fly with a fun and flirty colleague. But this might not be a good man to fall in love with…

~ Elizabeth has a secret lover. One whom can only visit her in the middle of the night, when he mysteriously appears on her apartment balcony, 51 stories high, when the moon is full.

And 5 more steamy stories!
A sexy selection of hot stories that will leave you burning for more...

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