eISBN: 9781593743840

Charlotte Mastered

by Christy Poff

Charlotte James is looking for her knight and master, a man she can love and trust without question and submit to totally. She meets a man she met on line at his exclusive DC club and finds she can obey his dominance over her easily.
Simon Anderson is searching for his queen, a woman who can share his lifestyle without hesitation. Without Charlotte, he planned to give up on finding his true submissive. A man who devotes himself to her happiness, he needs to protect her from the madman threatening them.
While Charlotte’s desires and Simon’s search bring them together, an outsider in their world seeks to destroy them in order to protect his political life. Will they survive or will Washington politics overshadow their love?

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About the author Christy Poff

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep...

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