eISBN: 9781593744878

Little Red

by Emma Sinclair

When Little Red Riding Hood headed into the forest on the way to her grandmother’s house, she met the big bad wolf, and almost met a very untimely end.

When Scarlet Hood gets lost on the way to her grandmother’s house, she gets way more than she ever expected in the form of her sexy savior, Tyler Carver.

Tyler may be the big bad wolf, but Scarlet discovers that when it comes to pleasure, he’s actually very, very good.

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About the author Emma Sinclair

While she'd like to confess to settling before her computer to write everyday in her silk and lace while half-naked boy-toys bring her champagne and truffles, the truth is Emma writes in her jammies and has to get her own Diet Coke. Like many writers, Emma was bitten by the writing bug early in life. To date, her most memorable work has been The Blue Bowl Bunch which she...

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