eISBN: 9781603130585

The Fox and The Heir

by Peggy Hunter

Jayne Foxton likes her uncomplicated life. In fact, she'd detour several miles to avoid complications of any sort. So when Jacob Strand, her elderly boss, asks her to attend a bachelor auction and purchase his long lost-to-him grandson, she doesn't expect trouble. And then Jacob insists she do what she can to bring his grandson to him before his death. David Strand knows his grandfather is using his personal assistant to lure him back to run the family empire. David has no intention of giving in to the old man but certainly doesn't mind entertaining the sweet Jayne for a while. Little Jaynie's not nearly as plain as he thought. Of course, once he tires of her, she's out. Now, if only he’d tire of her...

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About the author Peggy Hunter

Peggy Hunter has been writing for many years. It wasn’t until recently that she decided to give Torrid a try. Peggy lives in Mid-Western Ontario with her husband, son, two dogs and three cats.

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