eISBN: 9781603132961

Torrid Teasers Volume 53

by Susan K Droney

Christmas Dreams
Morgan and Davis have been best friends since they were children and even Davis' move to Maine didn't affect their deep friendship. When Morgan's relationship with her fiancée falls apart, at Davis' urging, she moves to Maine to make a fresh start. She soon realizes that her feelings for Davis run much deeper than friendship.

The Fix-It Man
When Madison meets the new maintenance man, she uncharacteristically tries to seduce him. When her efforts backfire, she thinks she doesn't stand a chance until he comes knocking on her door.

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About the author Susan K. Droney

Susan K. Droney is the author of many novels, short stories, and articles. She was raised in western New York and currently resides in New Jersey. She has two daughters and a grandson. Her passions, aside from writing, include traveling, cooking, gardening, walking, and reading.

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