Purple Hazel


Purple Hazel…

…is King and Caroline Medlin from Denver, Colorado.

Purple is Caroline's favorite color. Hazel is the color of her eyes. They fell in love, and King started writing short stories to Caroline while they were dating. Eventually, the stories got better and better, so they started writing full length novels.

Starting with Star Kitten in the fall of 2015, they have written four books including Wild Fields (2015), Morgana's Handmaid (2016), and Spanish Posse.

People and places may very well color notions of moral principles that people follow or ignore; yet only true love endures all things. It's all that really matters in the grand scheme of things. Life is about love, true devotion, and the desire to find a companion to accompany us through our many trials, tribulations, and best of all—those moments of profound joy that give life real meaning.