Belladonna Bordeaux

In Belladonna’s formative years, her mother, an author, told her, ‘an imagination is a terrible thing to waste’. She wanted Belladonna to write, but instead she became a professional portrait photographer.
Drawing inspiration from the candid moments occurring during her daytime job, Belladonna decided that every human being has a story to tell. She now writes paranormal, historical, fanta-historical, and multi-cultural contemporary romance with an emphasis on real life cultural divides—and she wants to write science fiction. First, though, she’ll have to photograph a real live alien.
When not working on her next story, she’s out with friends or killing time with her family, but her camera is never far from her side and the next story never far from her thoughts.
You can learn more about Belladonna and her work on her website at, on Facebook by looking up Belladonna Bordeaux, and by reading her blog at