Felicia Forella


Felicia Forella began writing in grade school with the help of a friend. She quickly gave up trying to be the next Carolyn Keene when she realized that she gave away the who-done-it by the third chapter. She became hooked on romance in high school when her mother bought her a (now autographed) copy of “Ashes in the Wind” by Kathleen Woodiwiss. (See what you started, Mom!) A long hiatus from writing began in college when she realized no one cared if she became the next Margaret Mitchell. She began writing seriously again in the late 90’s and her New Year’s resolution for the new Millennium was to become a published author. She is proud to say this is one New Year’s resolution she actually accomplished.

Felicia is a former Air Force brat, which might explain her obsession with men in uniform, who lived all over the South and in Spain. She now lives in PA with her hero husband and her hero-in-training teen-age son, although, given her choice, they would be living somewhere down south as close to the ocean as humanly possible. They have a middle-aged beagle/border collie mix affectionately known as the Supermodel beagle, who is the only female in the house who responds to her husband’s every beck and call.