Felisha Goulding

Felisha Goulding grew up in a small town in the heart of Newfoundland, the most Eastern part of Canada. Just out of High School, she left for Toronto with $68 dollars in her pocket and an old beaten up yellow suitcase. Currently residing in the City of Vaughan, Felisha is a dedicated mother of two beautiful boys and has worked full time at the same company for the past twenty-five years. With a passion for writing, she finally sat in front of the computer and started her first manuscript. Burning the midnight oil well into the late hours of the night after work, and then working 10 to 12 hours on weekends, a story unfolded and came to life.

Felisha comments, “This has been a life-long dream of mine for many years and this journey has been truly amazing. By far, this has been one of my biggest accomplishments. I look forward to writing many more...”