Tigra-Luna LeMar

Konichiwa! I was born on the island of Jamaica then moved to Canada. I am a culturally obsessed Jamaican, baseball/hockey chick who loves CFL football (go Argos!). I started reading romance novels to keep myself out of trouble and out of the way in high school. I began writing poems, songs (lyrics) and short stories then escalated into writing romance (NaNoWriMo) when I was about seventeen. In my spare time (though sometimes it seems I have none) I love singing, watching Asian Dramas (my favorite being Liar Game and Death Note), listening to music, watching movies and the History Channel/Comedy network, trying to cook like an Iron Chef, and spending time with friends and family. I speak English, Patois, a survival amount of Spanish and a smattering of Japanese. I am currently a university student.