ISBN: 9781603133098
eISBN: 9781603133104

The Fox

by Camryn Cutler

What would you do for love?Adama Fawkes has loved three men in her life and at last found perfect happiness with her fated love, Kesim Trasain. To attain and preserve that love, they have endured many challenges—terror, deceit, loss, and have even cheated death.Now a new trial faces them, one which could determine their future together.Christian Valore has been charged with defeating the rebel faction in Adama's former kingdom and has returned to Lyros to complete his mission. He has never completely gotten over his love for the beautiful queen, but now there's a new love in his life, and no room in his heart for two women. Can he conquer the rebels and his old feelings once and for all to find his own fate?When Kesim and Adama are forced to return to her childhood home and covertly aid the rebels, all will meet one last time in an explosion of passion and hatred, and all of their lives will be changed forever. Genre: Erotic Romance Fantasy Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit (may contain adult content, language, and graphic sex)

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About the author Camryn Cutler

Camryn Cutler was born and raised in Maine and lives there still with her husband and three children. She is of Scots-Irish descent and loves her heritage and it's rich history, taking any opportunity she can to discover more about her Celtic roots. A life long reader and writer, she wrote short stories and poems as a young girl, and quietly dreamed of one day publishing her work. She...

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