eISBN: 9781603133791

The Mission

by Michelle Marquis

Captain Tara Scott has just been offered the assignment of a lifetime. Her mission is to establish a U.S. Embassy on the planet of AEssyria without getting herself killed. If she’s successful, she’ll be rich beyond her wildest dreams. But AEssyria is no easy planet to survive. Populated by a savage warrior race, she’ll be lucky if she can do her time in one piece. Her only hope of success is to seduce an AEssyrian bull-male and keep him interested as her protector. Admiral Sargon Varin is an accomplished AEssyrian warrior on the verge of retiring from the Fleet. He has achieved everything he wanted in life, everything except find a woman to love. When he meets Tara, he finds in her everything he ever wanted; a successful woman who not only enjoys sex but has an iron will to achieve her mission. Genre: Erotic Romance Science Fiction Rating: Erotica - Controversial (may contain adult content, language, and graphic sex)

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About the author Michelle Marquis

Michelle Marquis is the pen name for science fiction and paranormal author Michelle O'Neill. Born in Los Angeles , California, Michelle has lived all over the US and even some places in Canada. She is owned and cared for by her family (who tolerate her writing insanity), an aging Doberman and a mischievous Irish Terrier named Guinness. Michelle often writes like a fiend and has authored many novels and short...

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