eISBN: 9781603138307

Desire In Flames & Desire Is Green

by Christy Poff

Two couples finding instant passion while on the job—will desire win out?
Mike Ritchie always knew what she wanted until Wes Barrett walked onto the fireground and ignited flaming desire in her. Wes had all but given up on finding the one he could spend his life with in every way. Will passion come from desire in flames?

Liam St. Patrick has desired one woman in every way but she works as his father’s personal assistant—interoffice relationships are out of the question until a romantic leprechaun gets involved. Natasha Lindsey has the same feelings but figures Liam is out of her league. Will desire in green bring them together despite office policy?

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About the author Christy Poff

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep...

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