eISBN: 9781603138550

Temptations: Three's Company & On Broadway

by M C Scout

Three’s Company
Dale has been admiring Sam since she came to work with him, though his overbearing wife makes sure he behaves.
Sam has felt a unique sensation between her and Dale but figures him to be untouchable until he is free to be with her. When sparks fly between them and he invites her to Mexico to be alone, she finds there’s more than meets the eye to his invitation.
Will three’s company be a problem, or exactly what they want?

On Broadway Kent comes off an intense undercover assignment only to be assigned to a protection detail for a Broadway star. Emerson is being stalked but when a handsome detective is assigned to keep her safe, sparks fly. Despite their age difference, will they find temptations on Broadway and beat the odds?

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About the author M.C. Scout

M C Scout lives in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States with her family and deep in the center of Revolutionary history - srange how her love is immersed in the Civil War era and the South. “I grew up learning there is the Northern side, the Southern side and the truth to the Civil War. Finding the truth is fascinating.” Though she began writing only a few years...

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