eISBN: 9781611601121

Satan's Slave

by Emma Wildes

Sailing toward America, Lady Caroline Kendrick is awakened from a sound sleep to a commotion. She is hauled to the top deck where she finds herself immediately the prisoner of the infamous pirate, Satan. Lo and behold, she is startled to realize the notorious rogue is none other than Charles Somerset, a man she thought a courtier and a gentleman back in London. It appears that his polite manners were a façade, her abduction the entire purpose of the raid, and he is determined to have her one way or the other…

Charles would have preferred to woo the lovely Caroline in a conventional way, but there is an advantage to having another identity and the flamboyant Satan would never deign to accept no for an answer. Her capture is just the beginning in a campaign to ultimately win the woman of his dreams in the most carnal way possible…

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