eISBN: 9781611601244

Wisdom & Love - Sexy Shorts

by Desmond Haas

On Valentine’s Day, Ben and Christine go to the movies, but she is unsure of their relationship. While they have been dating for almost a year, she hasn’t told him she loves him, or slept with him. At the theatre, they meet an older couple and who talk about their 52 years of marriage. Christine is so unsure of her own situation, she runs into the powder room to cry. Will she be able to face Ben and tell him how she really feels?

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About the author Desmond Haas

Desmond Haas lives in upstate New York, USA, where he hides himself from his family, two dogs and five cats, and pounds on a keyboard to try and make sense of the words and images in his head. Writing, he says, is an invisible performance art. He considers himself to be a renaissance man, stuck in time, working with various media, including photography, to express himself. While most of...

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