eISBN: 9781611604221

2-in-1: Olympians Vol 3 [Elysian Dreams and Love’s Forge]

by Susan M Sailors

The ancient Greek Olympians rule again in volume 3 of the erotic romance fantasy/paranormal epic from author Susan M Sailors, including:
ELYSIAN DREAMS: Aphrodite wants to right a wrong from many years ago. Her petty quarrel with Apollo resulted in him being separated from the woman he loved. Until now. With Zeus’s help, Aphrodite has given Apollo and his beloved Daphne a second chance. Will they find happiness together? Or will they find that the years of separation have drastically changed what each of them once wanted?
LOVE’S FORGE: Aphrodite’s talent for bringing about “happily ever after” despite numerous obstacles has never helped her straighten out her own love life. She’s been keeping her estranged marriage to Hephaestus a secret from everyone, but his determination to finally make it work and regain her heart has convinced her the time for secrecy may soon be over. But when Hephaestus catches her with Ares, he decides his wife needs to be taught a lesson. Aphrodite stands very little chance against his erotic assault, but she still refuses to promise to be his forever. As he continues making her live out all his fantasies, she must ultimately decide if she only wants his body or if she can truly return his love.
Don’t miss the first four books, in volumes 1 and 2 of the “2 In 1” series from Susan M Sailors, at a special low price!

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About the author Susan M. Sailors

Susan M. Sailors lives in Ann Arbor with one husband and three cats. She taught college English for several years, but now focuses more on her own writing and less on the comma splices and sentence fragments of freshmen students. She also does freelance editing though, so she still runs into grammar errors all the time. She writes in every genre, including horror, fantasy, science fiction, and her work can...

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