eISBN: 9781611604269

My Lord Richmond

by M C Scout

Lord Broderick Richmond has walked the earth for several centuries, steering clear of the vampire who created him so long ago. He’s also consulted some of the world’s foremost psychiatrists trying to find answers to his guilt issues.
Paige Banfield meets a mysterious man with a fantastic story, who is looking for answers she may be able to give him, only they find something more exists between them. When they are together, heat consumes them and creates spectacular results from their passion.
Erica Rhodes created Richmond only to have him leave her. Now, on the eve of him coming into his own, she wants him back in order to stop him. Will Paige and her Lord Richmond survive the past for eternal happiness, or will the past haunt them?

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About the author M.C. Scout

M C Scout lives in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States with her family and deep in the center of Revolutionary history - srange how her love is immersed in the Civil War era and the South. “I grew up learning there is the Northern side, the Southern side and the truth to the Civil War. Finding the truth is fascinating.” Though she began writing only a few years...

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