eISBN: 9781611604498


by Alex B Westphal

Drs. Kristin Arango and Marlene Conte are ready to try their revolutionary mind-switching process on human test subjects. When their research company’s administration decides not to grant them the necessary permission, they go ahead with human testing anyway—on each other! The experiment goes well, until Kristin finds herself in a horrid no-win situation.

Afterward, Kristin awakens on an otherwise normal morning to find evidence she has engaged in sexual escapades during the night without any memory of them! She quickly realizes someone is mind-switching with her and putting her body through all sorts of kinky scenarios, but to reveal to anyone what she and Marlene did would jeopardize both their careers.

When the obvious suspect doesn’t pan out, Kristin struggles to find a way to save her career and protect herself from mind-switching while she searches for the true culprit.

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About the author Alex B. Westphal

Alex B. Westphal lives in the Midwest and enjoys writing science fiction stories where the science is well thought out and doesn’t violate too many of the rules as we know them currently.

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