eISBN: 9781611604528

Sgt. Murphy's Muse

by Daniel McTavish

The homeless son of uncertain parentage survives the mean streets of London through the generosity of an Irish barkeep with a need to employ a boy who will keep his sideline a secret. Calvin Murphy finds himself with three meals a day, a warm place to sleep and the occasional company of a beautiful barmaid.

After embarrassing The Queen's Guard sharpshooting team with unexplained marksmanship skills, Calvin is forced to immigrate to New York in the summer of 1862. He finds himself conscripted into The Irish Brigade, involved in a war that he calls America's war with itself.

After the war, he sets off on a trek to The Montana Territory. On the way he enjoys sexual trysts with a professional bar singer, and beautiful Swedish twins. But no one can hold a candle to the beautiful Irish maiden he meets on the trail who brings renewed passion to his life.

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About the author Daniel McTavish

I was born in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1945. Following my grandmother's interest in our family history, I became absorbed in genealogy from the traces of information that she gathered over the years. Digging for family history became a passion. It lead to years of research and learning the issues of the times and places of my Scot-Irish ancestors. Many of them traversed The Great Pennsylvania Wagon Road south to North...

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