eISBN: 9781611604641

Between A Rake And A Hard Place

by Emma Wildes

Kidnapped and locked in a harem, Lady Cassandra is bewildered by the turn of events in her formerly ordered life, and even more so when a stranger appears and manages a daring rescue from her sexual imprisonment. Back on her way to England, she has no idea what to make of the enigmatic Mr. Ives, but she does know one thing….he is the most fascinating man she has ever encountered.
Christopher Ives walks the line between two worlds. Of aristocratic birth, he still has made his own way by both necessity and inclination. Yes, his occupation involves danger, but bedding the daughter of a powerful man is pushing the edge of even his recklessness. Yet the earl’s daughter is too ravishing to resist…

A rakish buccaneer and a headstrong beauty battle an attraction that might just ruin them both…

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