eISBN: 9781611604672

Prescribing Pleasure

by Kathleen Lash

Dr. Amy Townsend’s superb clinical skills and sensible approach to practicing medicine, allow her to effectively handle whatever the residents of Cleveland throw her way in the eastside hospital emergency department. However, she’s ill prepared to deal with her attraction to the construction manager of the hospital’s expansion project. She’s never met a more handsome, sexually appealing, and emotionally unavailable man in her life. Amy loves a challenge and Mr. Issac Weston provides one she simply can’t ignore.

Most people in Zack’s life remain categorized and compartmentalized. He can’t figure out where Amy belongs, other than in his bed. No matter how hard he tries to keep a safe distance, the good doctor slinks past years of barriers and strips them away. He’s never been more turned on by a woman and if he isn’t careful, he could find himself swallowing more than Dr. Amy’s prescription for pleasure.

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About the author Kathleen Lash

Kathleen Lash wrote her first novel with a friend at thirteen. She eventually married the “bad boy” who, a few decades later, provides wild times and stability. Working full time as a supervisor, she holds a Bachelor’s in business, and continues to rebuild the highly affordable, unique fixer-upper. Affiliations with the Romance Writers of America and the Northeastern Ohio Romance Writers groups have allowed Kathleen to hone her skills and...

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