eISBN: 9781611607390

The Chocolate Edition Of Sex

by Susan Rogers

The Chocolate Edition of Sex is a story of one woman who has the world of BDSM opened up to her in her twenties by a rich and powerful man. She turns her back on this world and lives a ‘normal’ life until he contacts her again from the grave and she returns to the world where she really belongs. Definitely a book to be read one handed!

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About the author Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers is a sensual, passionate, chocolate- and life-loving woman, who lives in a remote town in the wilderness of Tasmania. She shares her life with her devoted husband and five children to whom she is wife, lover, confidant, mother, chef, cleaner, farm hand, tutor, dance instructor (not so great at that one) sequin sewer, sports coach, camp organizer, entertainment director, bag packer, dog handler, and friend. They all live...

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