eISBN: 9781611607444


by C L Scholey

Wandering a shattered, dying Earth, Roam despises the loneliness. Alien vessels he must avoid circle overhead. When he collides with a Tonan deep in the heart of a jungle, Roam engages in a brutal battle. To his surprise, a human female comes to the Tonan’s aid. The Tonan, Taz, has six females under his protection, including his mate and child.
Jinx hates Castians and Tonans alike. The handsome man Taz brings home is breathtaking. He’s also the only male besides Taz she has seen in four years. Jinx falls for Roam immediately. Her world is shattered when she discovers her new lover is masquerading as human. How can she not hate him when a thieving Castian stole her sister? What’s worse is discovering Taz is a Tonan. Evil creatures who murdered her father. How can she forgive either of them?

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