eISBN: 9781633555938

Naughty Night Stand & Birthday - 2 Short Stories

by Rebekah Nights

Naughty Night Stand

Strangers Francesca and Mark have been exchanging their darkest and dirtiest fantasies by text for months. When they finally decide it’s time to meet, they know all they have is one night together. What they do with their night will blow your mind!


David has been watching Bella from afar, fantasizing about forcing himself upon her. On his birthday he decides to find out if she will give him the gift he has been craving. How will Bella react when the birthday boy pays her a dark visit?

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About the author Rebekah Nights

Rebekah Nights is a new writer based in the UK. She specializes in writing short stories of extreme erotica aimed primarily at male readers, although female readers have been known to enjoy her work too! She takes Pole Dancing lessons when not writing in her spare time. Follow her on twitter: @NightsRebekah

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