eISBN: 9781633556560

To Catch A Warrior

by C L Scholey

Titus, leader of the southern Zargonnii, has made it his mission to find a single female he was placed in charge of months earlier; a female he lost while trying to save her; a female he cannot find. His determination leads him to the extreme. The only place left to look is a planet within a sun. A planet full of ice and snow and emptiness, except for one little female, Zabbie.

Zabbie is hard and tough, a little warrior who has thwarted death too many times to count. Resigned to dying of exposure to either ice or fire, she can’t make heads or tails of the strange alien who lands within her hell. One thing she knows for certain, whether or not Titus is real, she’s keeping the emotional male in turmoil, and will go to any length to catch a warrior.

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