eISBN: 9781633558014

Assassin Deception

by C L Scholey

Chloe’s father is blown up and her mother sinks into insanity, but in Chloe’s mind her family of omnipotent assassins is the safest place to be. Until one night Chloe is attacked and spirals into blindness. Someone wants her dead, and it looks as though it might be someone she loves.

Deception meets her at every turn. Who is her real father? Who plays at pretend? Chloe is determined to find out. She’s no wallflower and her assassin lover, Damien, has no choice but to shed his gallivanting ways and step into a stronger role if he is going to save her. Their love is fierier than the bombs going off around them. Only time will tell who will be left standing, after the last explosion.

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