eISBN: 9781681460925

The Pariah

by Lindy P. Lawrence

Salt Lake Police Detective Jason Johnson and his Samoan partner, Manny Tofulu, investigate heinous crimes. Jason unexpectedly meets Leland on a mountain top, and saves him from the creatures that are trying to kill him.

Leland is a Pariah. His face and body are human in appearance, but he is covered in white feathers, has wings, and the ability to fly. Leland and several of his species have fled their planet, trying to avoid the wrath of the Eremites. The overwhelming number of Eremites can also fly, but their faces are similar to wolves, and they hunt humans for sport.

After their city is destroyed, Jason and his team are forced to flee across the valley with the Eremites in relentless pursuit. Finally defeating the Eremites, they must leave Earth with the Pariah rescue ship in pursuit of a better life. Unfortunately, the chilling nightmare quickly escalates into a fight for survival, not only from more Eremite creatures, but from members of their own team.

Jason discovers that Leland is unlike any “male” he has ever met, and falls in love with him. But can Jason leave his troubled past behind him and live the life he has always dreamed of?

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About the author Lindy P. Lawrence

Lindy P. Lawrence was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and currently resides in Salt Lake City. He recently started writing erotic novels and enjoys combining obnoxious characters with exciting action thrillers, who must overcome insurmountable odds to survive. Inspiration for his work relies heavily on sipping Booker’s Bourbon, and listening to classic southern rock music.

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