Release Date: March 25, 2016
eISBN: 9781633558090

Fools Like Us

by Charlie Crane

Billie Reed Sanchez is the wife of a battering husband in LA County Jail on a domestic violence charge, and Christopher Abel is a representative of the law firm that’s offered to defend him.

When Billie and Chris meet, things instantly sizzle between them, and they enter into an intense sexual, romantic relationship. Before long, the two lovers embark on a cross-country journey to rescue Chris’ nine-year-old daughter from her semi-famous, repressive, novelist step-father.

They establish headquarters on Central Park South and set out to learn what they can of the writer—his lifestyle is beyond upper class, conspicuously lavish for an author who shows no means of income other than a few books published with moderate commercial success. It’s clear that he’s doing something else for his money. And if its illicit activity, it will surely put Chris’ daughter and ex-wife in peril.

Billie and Chris are determined to discover the truth, while not losing each other in the process.

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