Release Date: March 16, 2016
eISBN: 978-1-68146-128-1

Stepping Out From the Shadows (King's Blood Book 1)

by Eve Irving

Curvy redhead, Juliette, cannot believe her luck when she finds herself being guided to her first ever climax by a gorgeous stable hand who’s so beautiful she christens him Heracles, after the mythical Greek God of masculinity. However, Heracles, it seems, is no humble stable-hand. The devil’s water that flows hot in his veins, has given him centuries to fathom that women want to be tasted and loved fiercely, but always tenderly.

Imagine how it would feel, to meet someone who can not only see into your soul, but understands the darkest shadows it contains?

Juliette cannot resist being drawn to this beautiful creature. Sexual desire for him turns to love and her world becomes a dangerous place.

Nathaniel knows the only way to keep Juliette safe, is to stay away from her. But there is alchemy at work here, which might prove difficult for him to fight. If Nathaniel is winter, then Juliette is surely his spring.

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