Release Date: August 24, 2016
ISBN: 9781681464862

Forbidden Fruit

by Melanie Thompson

On Planet 4328, a religious sect called the Enders rule. Enders live an ascetic life, using slaves to expand their holdings, and to breed children.
Tamara and Renate, both humanoids, but not like the Enders, escape the repression. A tree filled with delicious red fruit grows rampant on Planet 4328, but the Enders have forbidden the fruits consumption. The two runaways become so hungry, they eat some of the fruit, and discover that Planet 4328 has a host of animals, and a race of people Offworlders can’t see.
The Gelfs welcome Tamar and Renate with wild sex and plenty of the fruit. Tamara hears of something called the Offering. Maybe the Gelfs are hiding something?
Read Forbidden Fruit and discover what the Gelfs are hiding. Travel to another world for hot alien sex, with a surprise ending.

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About the author Melanie Thompson

I was born In British Columbia, Canada and I'm the oldest of five children. I now reside in Bothell, Washington with my three children. I have always had a story in me and with the guidance of my wonderful mother together we wrote The Secret, Shifter and The Sex Slave Shanghai and many more stories. I manage a restaurant by day and write every chance I have. I love Urban...

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